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So You’ve Chosen To Be A Business Owner..

“I believe in the discipline of mastering the best of others” Charlie Manger

Because you have chosen to be a business owner you have chosen to be a problem solver. Not everyone is cut out to own a business and that is why so many people start and fail in business.

When you start out in business, the odds are against you, you have limited knowledge, no money, no brand, no customers and limited experience. You are handicapped because banks don’t trust you and you have no market. You will initially attract bad customers because good established companies won’t deal with them. You will need to learn to manage demanding people. The good news is that after 6-7 years things will get easier.

You need to see your business development and growth as a marathon not a sprint. Every day you just need to chip away at your rock and continue to sculpt your business future.

One step or chip at a time and you will continue to etch out the identity of yourself and your business. Business is a challenge and always will be.

Business should be seen as a game of calculations. To illustrate how business is a lord game it is interesting to stand on the shoulders of giants to look at how the succeeded. Warren Buffett read his first investment book at seven and became a billionaire at 57. Bill Gates started writing code and tinkering with computers at 12 years old. He became a billionaire at 31, 19 years later.

The rock that you choose to sculpt is, your industry, your patch, your area of strength. Never build a business on your weakness.

“You have to love the daily grind because the grind is life” – John Calapari

Business doesn’t need to be a solo game. You need to find people who can help you. You need to ask for help. It takes a lot of people to make the world go around.

You need to create momentum. It needs to get better every day and you need to stay on the rise, getting things done that is moving your business forward. To execute you need immersion and to get around people doing the same thing.

The common enemy in business success is the ignorance of our upbringing. In business you will always find yourself at the crossroads. At the crossroads you have choices.

  1. Follow the masses
  2. Follow the herd
  3. The contrary path is what you need to take.

To be outstanding in business you need to stand out. Smart people can help you build a great business. The quickest way to build a strong sustainable business and achieve your goals is by reading and having mentors.

The three keys to learning according to the Dalai Lama are:

  1. Listen
  2. Comprehend
  3. Instinctualise

According to Tai Lopez you need to have an evolutional, stable strategy that will serve you and your business goals over time. The key is to develop a resilient mindset and to focus on your language. As you change your words you are choosing to change your life.

Until next time,