What We Do

man-439040_1280 Recruiutment is a skill that can be taught and learnedtwo men talking, communicating at a bus stop

Most business owners have never been taught how to run an effective, efficient business.
Most just got started and learned by trial and error, through their experiences…

Your coach will speed up the process. Your success will be achieved by you being taught how to drive your business, not the business driving you. That’s what we do.

We get coached in sporting activities from a very early age to develop our skills and abilities. Coaching continues through all age categories with elite athletes usually having multiple coaches.

Sports coaches oversee your training and performance and are accepted as an integral part of winning and improving success at all levels.

A business coach helps you to see what you can’t see. They make you complete tasks you know you need to complete but have been putting off. When you are ready to give in they support you, making you stronger and more resilient. Your business coach will change the way you think, making you more resourceful.

A coach colleague of mine Brett Ogers, relayed the following story to me. “I was speaking to a friend of mine the other day and he told me that he had a friend who was very successful in business. The business man had his own plane so there was obviously no need for him to have a business coach”. Brett replied “I coach people just like him, to ensure that they can keep their plane.”

The idea that successful people don’t need a coach is flawed. All successful people need to keep learning, making appropriate changes to remain relevant.

Coaching creates a trust relationship between the business owner and their coach. The coach will continue to push their client to ensure that they become outstanding through their business as it grows and evolves, as does the relationship between the coach and client.

Your coach is responsible for challenging you to make appropriate changes, to be flexible and nimble in the execution of your business plan