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Create Your Own Identity

You create your own identity or you can let others create it for you. As a child your identity was influenced by others. What you experienced, places that you visited, people who you interacted with all contributed to your identity.

So how do you see yourself? How do you limit your achievements because of how you identify yourself?

My clear message is that it is possible design and create a new identity into the future. You have a choice of who you want to be for the rest of your life. What identity would you love to have? What is stopping you from achieving your desired future? Too many people settle for less because they falsely believe that , that is their lot in life. The past and the memories limit your ability to move to your desired, ideal scene.

We are really good at focussing on what we don’t want. However, we are generally challenged when we are asked what we do want.

Complete the following exercise. In the left hand column list everything that you think you don’t want in your life or business.

what I don't want copy

Then reframe what you don’t want into what you do want in the right hand column.

The mere fact that you have created each list will give you guidance toward developing your future identity. The power of any idea is in it’s implementation. As Seth Godin would say, “Only do it”.

Keep the magic happening

Chris Morrison – Business Coach