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There Are Not Many Bad Businesses..

“There are not many bad businesses, there’s a lot of crappy business owners” – Keith Cunningham

If you are a good business owner and you have a great business, then well done. You are in the minority. If you are in business and not happy or fulfilled and you want things to be better, then you need to work harder on yourself than you do on the business. Most businesses are not planned they are created on an ideal that running your own show will give you freedom. In the beginning it does the opposite. It ties you up frustrates you and promotes stress and, many other emotions like anger. The freedom comes only if you have clarity and talent to build and grow your business. This is why 8 in 10 business don’t make it successfully into their third year.

My mission is to reverse that statistic. I am a solid resource and I am strong and capable of achieving anything that I put my mind to. I will always push you to the limit of my ability. Good is never enough. Outstanding is my destination. It is with this clarity of purpose that I am an amazing teacher who supports and influences business owners to break through barriers to exceed their goals.

This works because I have clarity of purpose, I know my why!

To change business owners and get outstanding results I have crucial and difficult conversations. Business owners are challenged by me to identify what is so crazy it scares them. They don’t know how to do it, and they certainly don’t know that it will work. It is outrageous. I push clients to levels of their own incompetence.

“There is no evidence that you should ignore your weaknesses” Brendan Burchard

Overall weaknesses could kill your business. So what have you been avoiding because it is too hard?

You need to build your business with help and supporters, don’t do it blind and in isolation. Be genuine and your authentic self this is not a play so stop acting and talk truthfully. You are operating from a comfort zone and you need to be pushed out of your comfort zone. I will do that as a coach because everybody else in your life loves you too much to tell you the truth.

“We buy your act when you truly love your profession and your act is who and what you are” Marshall Goldsmith.

“All the world is a stage” Shakespeare, so take to the stage with love, heart and passion and the care of your soul.

Business owners who are outstanding and represent to 10% of business owners who succeed think very, very differently than the business owners who fail, and go out of business. They are the crappy business owners.

Those that succeed have a different vision and mindset which leads to behaviours that challenge the status quo. You get to choose which strategy you adopt.

Keep making the magic happen

Chris Morrison

Coach, mentor, teacher

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Success And Getting Results

Success is an outcome of your choices and the decisions you make. To be successful you have to decide what is important to you. Our success begins with a desire, our hunger to achieve something, our passion drives us to do things that are important. We have a solid focus and are prepared to work hard and push to get results.

When we want something badly enough we will fight and struggle and be willing to continually struggle because our commitment and determination to success is strong.

We hustle.

We will do whatever it takes, we will study and research options, create relationships and networks. We will invest time and work crazy long hours through the night to get results.

An expert is always a student first.

Our attitude is tough and resilient and we know we have to work hard to earn success.

Success may be as an elite athlete or as a business owner. Successful people understand the concept of ‘grind’. Grind is when you work hard and stick at it with persistence over time. The trilogy of success according to Tai Lopez is “knowledge, strategy and execution (KSE)”.

You need to have a hunger and thirst for information and then put that information into action. You need to have strategy. I saw a great T-shit the other day that said “we have a strategy it’s doing things”. It can’t get much more straight forward than that. Execution is where you immerse yourself into your project or work and get around other people doing the same thing.

When you engage at this level you gain momentum – what you are doing needs to get better every day. You need to focus on building up and staying on the rise. If your business is not growing the only other alternative is that its dying and that wouldn’t be too good, would it?

What are you doing to improve your knowledge or learn something new this week? I am reading “Your Brain at Work” by David Rock. This fascinating book centres around the idea that as you learn, “more about how your brain works, you begin to see that many of your foibles and mistakes come down to the way your brain is built. “So next time you are tough on yourself, you can say, that’s just my brain”. This approach may be far better than trying to express your emotions. And it’s probably much better than trying to suppress your frustrations about your foibles”.

Reading and learning is FREE and it’s interesting that most business owners choose not to take advantage of this powerful business tool to improve themselves and their businesses.

I read an interesting thing the other day emanating from research from The London Business School that it is more likely to change a habit we need to experience the change over 66 days. Most other studies have suggested it takes 30 days to change a habit.

I have chosen to do my own personal study. I have reduced my alcohol consumption, I’ve discovered that it makes me more alert and energetic enabling me to do more, increase my productivity and improve my daily results. As of today (14th September 2016) I am up to day 38 of no alcohol and so far the outcomes are interesting. I am more alert. I am studying more, I am reading more and I feel really well, have higher energy levels and I’ve also noticed my complexion has improved and that’s with 28 days of my highly unscientific personal experiment yet to go.

Another aspect of this study is the reducing costs by changing my lifestyle. Not all choices are equal or sustainable or in fact sane. It depends on how badly you want change.

Finally, speaking about loss or giving up we are far more comfortable about moving away, not moving towards goals (I’ll explain this concept in a later blog).

This reminds me of a joke “Did you hear about the person who went on a Gin and Tonic diet? So far they have lost 2 days”

As your coach I help you reappraise things, I challenge you to see things from many angles or different perspectives. What knowledge and information are you using to make your business choices and strategies and how are you choosing to execute your planned strategy. How many other pathways will lead you to higher levels of success in a shorter time frame?

I am just wondering?


Until next time,



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So You’ve Chosen To Be A Business Owner..

“I believe in the discipline of mastering the best of others” Charlie Manger

Because you have chosen to be a business owner you have chosen to be a problem solver. Not everyone is cut out to own a business and that is why so many people start and fail in business.

When you start out in business, the odds are against you, you have limited knowledge, no money, no brand, no customers and limited experience. You are handicapped because banks don’t trust you and you have no market. You will initially attract bad customers because good established companies won’t deal with them. You will need to learn to manage demanding people. The good news is that after 6-7 years things will get easier.

You need to see your business development and growth as a marathon not a sprint. Every day you just need to chip away at your rock and continue to sculpt your business future.

One step or chip at a time and you will continue to etch out the identity of yourself and your business. Business is a challenge and always will be.

Business should be seen as a game of calculations. To illustrate how business is a lord game it is interesting to stand on the shoulders of giants to look at how the succeeded. Warren Buffett read his first investment book at seven and became a billionaire at 57. Bill Gates started writing code and tinkering with computers at 12 years old. He became a billionaire at 31, 19 years later.

The rock that you choose to sculpt is, your industry, your patch, your area of strength. Never build a business on your weakness.

“You have to love the daily grind because the grind is life” – John Calapari

Business doesn’t need to be a solo game. You need to find people who can help you. You need to ask for help. It takes a lot of people to make the world go around.

You need to create momentum. It needs to get better every day and you need to stay on the rise, getting things done that is moving your business forward. To execute you need immersion and to get around people doing the same thing.

The common enemy in business success is the ignorance of our upbringing. In business you will always find yourself at the crossroads. At the crossroads you have choices.

  1. Follow the masses
  2. Follow the herd
  3. The contrary path is what you need to take.

To be outstanding in business you need to stand out. Smart people can help you build a great business. The quickest way to build a strong sustainable business and achieve your goals is by reading and having mentors.

The three keys to learning according to the Dalai Lama are:

  1. Listen
  2. Comprehend
  3. Instinctualise

According to Tai Lopez you need to have an evolutional, stable strategy that will serve you and your business goals over time. The key is to develop a resilient mindset and to focus on your language. As you change your words you are choosing to change your life.

Until next time,



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You Need Plenty Of Cash To Build A Business

To be on top of your business you need to have continuous sales and marketing activities to make sure you attract enough leads and conversions so you have enough customers. Without sales and marketing you haven’t got a business. The key roles of sales and marketing are becoming intertwined in the easy access to large segments of the market.

Your responsibility, yes yours, is to understand your market and their needs. Deliver products and services in a timely fashion and get paid for your efforts.

It is important to have a solid business structure that systemises the routine and harmonises the exceptions so you have a business that functions in a consistent manner.

It is imperative as the business owner to have a full understanding of the difference between cashflow and profit in your business. Many potentially great businesses go out of business because their cashflow dries up and the business runs out of cash to operate

You must create structure and have financial tools that enable supply so you can pay your bills and continue to trade. It is important to understand the impact and gap between provision of products and services, the expenses and delay between buying inventory and paying costs prior to getting paid. You need cash to get you through this period.

How long would your business last if you had no more sales? One month, two months maybe three? That is how much free cash that you need to have to pay your way forward. This is where the threat and risk lays in your business and it needs to be managed. Profit in a business is only realised when you have paid all of your expenses and you have a surplus of money from from your transactions.

If you would like to find out more about how to grow and build a solid business that looks after you and your family, contact me and join me for one of my Build a Better Business workshops during Small business September for more information click here —>

Until next time.


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Create Your Own Identity

You create your own identity or you can let others create it for you. As a child your identity was influenced by others. What you experienced, places that you visited, people who you interacted with all contributed to your identity.

So how do you see yourself? How do you limit your achievements because of how you identify yourself?

My clear message is that it is possible design and create a new identity into the future. You have a choice of who you want to be for the rest of your life. What identity would you love to have? What is stopping you from achieving your desired future? Too many people settle for less because they falsely believe that , that is their lot in life. The past and the memories limit your ability to move to your desired, ideal scene.

We are really good at focussing on what we don’t want. However, we are generally challenged when we are asked what we do want.

Complete the following exercise. In the left hand column list everything that you think you don’t want in your life or business.

what I don't want copy

Then reframe what you don’t want into what you do want in the right hand column.

The mere fact that you have created each list will give you guidance toward developing your future identity. The power of any idea is in it’s implementation. As Seth Godin would say, “Only do it”.

Keep the magic happening

Chris Morrison – Business Coach

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What Is The Difference Between A Business And A Job

The nature of work is changing and many people move from one project to another, doing a variety of work which they get paid for. You can promote and sell your skills to a range of people who are outsourcing tasks, you negotiate how much you are paid for the assigned work. A range of internet sites like e-desk and e-lance enable people who are looking for project work to bid on the tasks listed. Depending on what country you live in is how this income is declared and taxed.

What a business is, is basically any activity engaged in for the purpose of making a profit. That is the defining feature of a business as opposed to a hobby. When you are setting up a business you need to choose a good business structure. The characteristics of a good business structure are

  1. Flexibility so the structure can accomodate change with minimal consequences.
  2. Provide asset protection to the principles in the business
  3. Minimises costs, mainly taxes
  4. Allows for efficient distribution of profits.

When people start working for themselves, often they swap from being an employee to being self employed they actually buy themselves a job. Job as as acronym means..

Just Over Broke

Man with a For Sale sign on his chet

When making this transition people often misunderstand their obligations as a business owner to comply to a raft of laws and regulations.

Critically they don’t change their mindset, they work harder and longer to get in front financially. They are self employed and are trading their time for money. The busier they get the harder it is for them to manage their workload and keep their customers satisfied. Their new business has no leverage. They have made themselves a trap, based on overwhelm, there is no time to plan.

When you are in demand to get more things done to a tight schedule, you are not in control of your time. The idea of working for yourself to gain control of your destiny may seem a long way off. You are not a business person you are now a slave to your trade.

You need help.

How may requests don’t you make , that if you did would transform your world beyond your wildest dreams?

Keep the magic happening


So What Is Coaching?

So what is coaching and how does it work?

Coaching is when business owners work with a trusted person (coach) to give them support, advice and guidance to achieve the results they desire.

Coaching creates a trust relationship between the business owner and their coach. The coach will continue to push their client to ensure that they become outstanding through their business as it grows and evolves, as does the relationship between the coach and client.

Your coach identifies your strengths and weaknesses and helps you develop strategies that take advantage of your strengths.

Your coaching program starts with planning. The coach will find out what it is that you want to get out of your business and how much money you want to make, to live the life you want and deserve.

A good coaching program will focus on making you a better business owner that has the knowledge and the skills to build a team and increase the profitability of your business.

Most business owners have never been taught how to run an effective, efficient business. Most just got started and learned by trial and error, through their experiences.

Your coach will speed up the process. Your success will be achieved by you being taught how to drive your business, not the business driving you.

Your coach is responsible for challenging you to make appropriate changes, to be flexible and nimble in the execution of your business plan.

We get coached in sporting activities from a very early age to develop our skills and abilities. Coaching continues through all age categories with elite athletes usually having multiple coaches.

Sports coaches oversee your training and performance and are accepted as an integral part of winning and improving success at all levels.

A business coach helps you to see what you can’t see. They make you complete tasks you know you need to complete but have been putting off. When you are ready to give in they support you, making you stronger and more resilient. Your business coach will change the way you think, making you more resourceful.

A coach colleague of mine Brett Odgers, relayed the following story to me. “I was speaking to a friend of mine the other day and he told me that he had a friend who was very successful in business. The business man had his own plane so there was obviously no need for him to have a business coach”. Brett replied “I coach people just like him, to ensure that they can keep their plane.”

The idea that successful people don’t need a coach is flawed. All successful people need to keep learning, making appropriate changes to remain relevant.

Until next time,


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Customers AREN’T Always Right

Some of my clients worry too much about what some of their customers say about them. Here is the thing about your customers, They aren’t alway right, In fact they lie and make up stories about their experiences and then convince themselves that their story is true.

In business, reputation management is important and you need to ensure that more than 80% of your customers love the experience that you provide them. I bet that most business owners spend 80% of their effort managing the less than 20% of their clients that are a pain in the neck.

In business it is important to be consistent and resilient.

Have an attitude toward your business that is, “We are always looking to improve our customers experience” with the knowledge that you don’t want or need everyone to be a customer. There are some people that you could never please or satisfy. Choose not to have customers or clients who are dishonest, rude, demanding and mean with their money. These clients don’t fit into my business and we would clash.

So to all businesses, get clear with who you choose to business with. Drive your current bad customers to your competitors by putting your prices up. It’s hard to believe, but not every customer shops on price.

So when you get a negative review about your business on any social media platform, take comfort in the belief that the review may not be true. All businesses and business owners have a bad day. Isn’t it blissful to remind ourselves that we are human and imperfect.

Until next time, keep making magic happen.


Confused and Off Track – Part 2

In my last blog I told that i was going to send Crappy Chris on vacation. Who is Crappy Chris? He is one of the voices in my head that prevents me from achieving things. He is the voice that reminds me of all the reasons why I should be cautious , because things may not work out.

I’ve changed my mind. The great thing about being human is we can learn new things, be influenced and create new ideas.


I want to share with you my new idea. This idea came to me when I was learning from Elizabeth Gilbert’s Creativity Course on Udemy.

My idea is that instead of sending Crappy Chris away I am going to create more space in my life and be more respectful of him. The point is that all aspects of me, my fear, my anger, my frustrations are all ingredients of being human. So too are love, creativity and productivity. I get to create the recipe for my own life. It’s my choice.

I am in control of the final outcome and it’s up to me to control, adjust and measure all of the ingredients that I am adding to my life.

By expanding my mental capacity, through a commitment to continuous learning, I will improve, I will get better at what I’m choosing to create. Failure is certain. I will fail. I will embrace, learn and manage failure as well. Failure is not about me, me being bad. My idea of my decision failed.

Learn and you will improve. Seth Godin says

“Nothing succeeds with everyone”
“Nothing makes everyone change their minds”
“Nothing that we do has the chance to be unanimously accepted”

Get clear on where you want to go, draw a picture of where you want to go, hustle all the time and have fun doing what you do.

Until next time, keep making magic happen.


Confused and Off Track

I get confused and off track in my business just like many other business owners. That’s why I have a coach who helps me understand my behaviour and actions and the impact they are having on my results. He says “Happiness is in the preparation, not in the journey”.

What is really interesting is as a business owner how do you prepare, plan and show up? The best thing that I can do is learn more about myself, my frustrations and how I choose to react to situations and the associated frustrations.

It is not the situation that is the problem it is always my reaction. To get clarity and results it is important not to process myself, that is looking into the past and wondering why things happen. Processing leads to all the reasons and excuses I can resourcefully dredge up from my past, to prove to myself why things are happening.

A better approach would be a ‘what’ question. That is “What do I have to do to get the results and outcomes I deserve?”. What needs to be done to move on and towards my visions and goals?

The two voices in my head compete for my attention.

confused and off track


I need to send crappy Chris on a permanent vacation and concentrate on Courageous Chris and his advice.

These two voices are generated from within me and are not external.

Remember, you just like me always have a choice. Do you choose conformity or innovation? Are you looking for permission to proceed? Do you want to fit in or stand out?

“It’s your choice”

Don’t wish that things were easier, focus on you becoming better at what you choose to do.

Keep making magic happen.