Attention Success Oriented Business Owners! Hereʼs How To Make Your Business Succeed… ActionCLUB!

The most practical, dynamic and profitable business,
sales and marketing program youʼll ever invest in, and hereʼs why…

It’s not just finding out ‘what’ you need to do … you
will leave this program knowing ‘how’ to do what you
need to do to get ahead. And not only that … you will
have done most of it in the program …
Invest in 8 sessions with ActionCOACH, developing
and adapting some of the three hundred and twenty
eight business building strategies, to use specifically in
YOUR business, to boost YOUR profits and free up
YOUR time … right now …
You’ll find out how to get working smarter, so that
you WORK LESS while taking home more money …

Marketing for real results …
You’ll get the edge over your competitors and come
up with superb ideas to promote your unique business
profitably every time … Not just theory, it’s hands on,
hard hitting, point blank CASH generators.
Learn the most powerful business strategies and
apply them in your business today …
You and your coach will be identifying the best strategies
for your business growth today. You’ll benefit from the
wealth of experience of 1000+ ActionCOACH business
coaches from around the world and other proactive
business owners.

So much value for your investment of $2750.00.

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Action Club

What You’ll Learn at ActionCLUB 8 Practical Sessions…

Session 1 – Setting your Future
How to set your goals … How to develop clarity
on what you’re creating, and how you’re going to
accomplish it.

Session 2 – Generating Cashflow
How to do more with less … What key areas lead to
profitability … How to create Cashflow Marketing.

Session 3 – Streetwise Marketing
What sets you apart from your competitors … How to
use it to get more of the customers you want … How to
keep customers coming back, time after time.

Session 4 – SalesRICH
How to sell effectively … How to improve your
communications … What professional standards make a
difference … How to handle objections.

Session 5 – TeamRICH
How to build the dream team you’ve always wanted …
How to become a great leader and inspire … How to
recruit great people … How to empower your team …
How to manage your time.

Session 6 – 6 Steps to Massive Results
Learn the 6 Steps from Self Employed to Business
Owner through to Entrepreneur and how to deliver
Massive results.

Session 7 – Leverage, The Board Game
Put into practise what you’ve learned, and have fun!

Session 8 – GrowthCLUB
How to create systems that run your business … How
to work ON your business not IN it.